Who is Azila


What I Believe In

Everyone of us are born with different natural behavior, and it is what make us unique compare to others.

At the same time, I believe that we all can master the technique to control our behavior and to adapt to different situation to make the best of communication and get things done more effectively and efficiently.

How I Started (My story)

During my teenager age, I had done a lot of things that I could have done other way.

Back in University, I had made a lot of decisions based on my natural behavior, for example, when I don't like a certain lecturer/professor, I would have purposely fail the subject as a sign of protest.

When I started to work, I had purposely avoid certain customer just because I don't like the way they talk or ask questions.

It was until I was exposed to a behavioral study, DISC as part of my sales training, that I learnt about how people behave a certain way and how people can change the way they behave to make better decisions and get better results.

I then decided to explore and learn more about this to help myself get better.

My Mission

With 4 years of practicing DISC in my own works, and as an Certified Behavioral Consultant (C.B.C), I am putting my expertise into helping other individuals and businesses.

I am now on a mission to share my knowledge, to help individuals make better decisions in their life and to communicate better. It is also my mission to help companies to strengthen their team for better performance.